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Feb 18, 2003
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gran canaria and skegness
can any one answer me please . a lady tech from norway came in to the salon the other day and while doing her nails asked why i has not used the acid free primer on her nails as she has been tought in norway to use it on all clients.i told her that i did not need to use a primer with retentinon+ unless i felt that the client has excessive oily hands and nails .am i right in saying this or should i use the product on every one .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthanks xxxxxxx :rolleyes:
What you said was perfect!!!! I don't know why they would have been taught that??? something got a little funky somewhere - must be all the cold!!!!:D
i think it was the cold x . have you been busy mrs geek as you have not been around much. i take it we have lots of new things at olympia. will you be there every day. will geeg be there too.i am going ,and look forward to meeting you and mr geek .see you soon xxxxxxxlisaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Actually we will ALL be there - very much look forward to meeting you too - please say your Geek Name as I will certainly recognise that!! To your other comment - very busy - I had a little guilt trip in Chit Chat so you can see what's been happening!! Take Care :D
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