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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
To: Ruth Fordham, Liza Smith, Kelly - Nailstar2003, Hayley -haylznailz, Faye Fordham, Victoria - beautifulnailx03, Kara - kazbarnails, Debbie Ankin. Caroline - crazy n creative

Sorry was going to pm you all, but I think my last posting has not reached you all.

Right so here's the info.

Sunday, 21 March at Hilton park Lane
Champagne breakfast at 7.30
3 course meal, entertainment, awards, dancing til the early hours
Black tie
Bookings on a first come first served basis
I need to receive a cheque made out to Trades Exhibitions Ltd for £82.25 (per ticket). I will send all cheques, once collected direct to Pro Beauty.

Ticket allocation:
Ruth Fordham x2
Liza Smith x1
Kelly - Nailstar2003 x1
Hayley - Haylznailz x1
Faye Fordham x1
Victoria - beautifulnails03 x1
Kara - Kazbarnails x2
Adele Cutler x1
Debbie Ankin x1
Caroline - crazy n creative x1

A table is either for 10 or 12, however if there are more you can separate and be placed as part of another table. At the moment we have enough people for a table of 12. Please call me if you have any queries. If I don't get the cheques quickly, we won't get a table.

I hope I have covered everything and everyone and I apologise for placing it on the board rather than pm everyone individually. I will however pm you with my telephone number and address.

If you are no longer interested will you please let me know.

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See you there!

Good to hear you guys are going and i am looking forward to meeting you all, hope our table is near to yours!

I am a judge for the "Nail Salon" section, so i am looking forward to seeing the winners faces! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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