Professional Beauty Awards - March - Evening


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Peppercorn Nails

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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Ok girls...........are there any of you out there that still want to attend the PBA in the evening (on the Sunday after the Olympia show). Having not heard anything from my last post back in December I kinda got the impression that you guys were all too broke after Christmas to go. I had asked for cheques to be sent to me back then..........and received none!

Anyway, I'm gonna ask one more any of you still want to go? If so PM me. I believe the cost is £82.25 per person and includes 3 course meal and dancing plus of course the award ceremony.

This is the last time I'm going to ask and if I haven't heard anything by Sunday 22 Feb, then I will take it that the answer is either a no or you have sorted yourselves out.

I soo soo want to go but I can't afford any of it, because I would need somewhere to stay and then there is the cost of transport!

I am really sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

Victoria x
I would have loved it, but travel is such a problem for me.

Thanks for the offer
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