Problem after pedicure in elderly


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Oct 14, 2015
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Need some advice. I have this elderly lady, who regularly comes to me for pedicure. She has varicose veins, but we never had problems with them. So far we have had about 7 procedures, once every month, and everything has been fine.
We had procedure 6 days ago, today she calls me and tells, that her foot have some kind of wounds on them, they are bleeding and hurtful.
I told her to come in and let me see what has happened, but haven't seen her yet.
So now I am totally blown away, because every time I do the same thing - using pedi file I file down hard skin, clean debris around nails and between fingers, clip and file toe nails. Products - soap, cuticle remover, foot cream, etc., are all the same as previously. Except, this time I noticed skin on two of her toe fingers was little strange, a bit fuzzy and softer (hard to explain), but nothing major, but I didn't do anything to it.
Could it really be me, who caused this and if so - how come it happened just now?
Patients with varicose veins and poor circulation are prone to leg ulcers. Even more if she is diabetic or on warfarin .
Your treatments won't have caused the problems it's probably that her skin has become so papery it breaks very easily.

Of course I am speculating here as I don't know your clients history but I would get her to see her go for a check up.
Leg ulcers can easily become infected and take ages to heal. Therefore she will be contraindicated to having pedi. A chiropodist should she her in future.
Hopefully it's not!

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