Problem with Gelish Red Roses


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Sep 21, 2011
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:(Has anyone had a problem with this colour? I used it for the first time last night and when I'd finished the colour on some of the nails wiped straight off on my pad when I cleaned the sticky layer! I redid them but it still wasn't perfect. I use the 18g lamp and it can't be that as I had just done another client using Bella's Vampire and Izzy Wizzy with no problems at all. I think she must have had her hand at an angle as it seemed to be coming off the side and tip of 3 nails on one hand and one nail on the other hand. I didn't do it too thick as I used 3 coats and it seemed to go on really well. Couldn't believe it! Anyone else had an issue with this colour? x
No, not at all. You wiped top coat and the color wiped off? So the top coat did not cure as well.
Must have been position of the hand in the lamp, I suppose the lamp is ok. Maybe try the color on yourself or on a few tips if you have them? You will know for sure.
I had the same problem. It was so frustrating! Luckily I was doing my sisters nails and not a client! I tried 3 times to cure the colour in an LED lamp and it still wasnt working. In the end I got her to choose another colour (Tiger Blossom) and it cured absolutely fine. Must have been the Red Roses that was the problem. I have just ordered a new bottle from Harmony so I'll try it out and see if its ok.
I use this & have never have a problem with it, I use a uv light not the led x
I have had the same problem even after curing for 3mins in a led lamp
I have this problem with all the reds, I just cure for longer now in the 18g, it doesn't happen with any other colours ! X

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