Problem with IBD Xtreme white gel


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Feb 27, 2005
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The Netherlands
Hi. I hope someone can give me a bit of advice. My friend gave me a pot of Xtreme white UV gel. I tried to use it and cured it for the recommended 4 minutes under 9w UV lamp. But even after I gave it another few minutes the gel was still king of rubbery en never set off. I did a free form sculpts.
Can anyone help?
you need to build the free edge in very thin layers curing at each layer, don't put it all on and expect it to cure as it won't. Once the form is removed even though you have cured in layers the underneth may still be un cured take your brush smooth the underneath then put the hand upside down under the lamp. hths good luck
Thank you. I thought that because it was a sculpting gel I could just do a one layer like was used to with my old one.
Like Tricky says build in layers, also make sure you turn hand other way to cure underneath too.
The problem is likely due to using the incorrect uv lamp for the gel. IBD does not use 9 watt bulbs to cure the gel. Many and most gels can be cured with 9 watt bulbs (Amore, Akzentz, Brisa, LCN) but not IBD. This is likely the culprit!!!

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