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Apr 4, 2004
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I recently purchased ibd uv top coat, but it seems like every time I use it on my clients when it drys bubbles appear. What can be causing this? I usually apply it over nail polish since it is a top coat and I dry them in the ibd uv lamp for 3 mintues like it says on the bottle. The thing is that I bought 4 big bottles of this uv top coat to refill my bottles and now I don't know what to do about this situation. I don't want my clients walking out of the salon with bubbles of their nails. Does anyone else use ibd uv top coat or can anyone tell me what could be wrong?

I have never used this particular brand but sometimes if you put it on too thinly you will get areas where the gel when cured has shrunk - leaving bare patches.

You may also find that the gel topcoat needs to be put on over a non-shiney surface - ie. not varnish - has this only just started happening - are you using a new product.

Why do you want to use gel over your varnish on your clients - there are lots of quick drying top coats which dont need a UV light.

Give us some more info as to the whys and wherefors and we can help.
Havent used this product as well though I can say that you will most likely be getting bubbles if you put it over enamel that is still overly wet (that still contains a lot of solvents). Those solvents will get trapped in the topcoat as bubbles.

Hope this helps. Maybe someone from IBD or Grafton can help.
The ibd uv top coat is not gel. You can use it over nail polish and it does not need to be cured. I was just wondering why there are bubbles when they dry. I tried not putting them in the uv lamp and they still bubble. I guess I'm just going to have to switch brands because I don't know what could be causing this.

I know its not gel... I wasnt talking about it being a gel... what I said before is still true ;)

Why not give Grafton a call? You can get their details by clicking the Site Shtuff->industry links item

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