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Apr 21, 2004
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Sorry to be a pain but as some of you might be aware i start working in a Salon nexted week..:eek: i'v just had a phone call from the owner saying that she already has people booked in for different things...full sets, infills & re-balance.

I couldn't be happier untill i relised that the girl that worked there before uses Creative products...! I can't use Creative until i do my conversion course on the 12th july. I have always soaked off nails that i didn't do the full set because of having a problem with a client when i first started doing nails and i vowed i'd never do it again.

Now im stuck and don't know what to do...? :cry:

Hi Vicky

I agree with what you have done in the past and only work on "your own" nails !

Maybe have a chat with Salon Owner and explain this to her and ask her to contact all clients already booked in and have their nails soaked off and new sets applied - im not sure whether the clients should be charged or not or maybe the Salon Owner could soak up the cost of this for the clients and im sure she could put a positive twist on this to them ?

Also if you talk to her now, she and her staff will be fully aware when taking other bookings for you to advise the clients of this and allow extra time.

I wouldnt want to do soak offs unnecessarily but i also agree with previous posts re working on someone elses work, its in the clients, and your, best interest

hope this helps a little, and probably confirms maybe what you are thinking?

best wishes anyway hun

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