Problems editing texts with iPhone?


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Dec 9, 2010
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I know a few people have said they can't edit the last lines of their posts as they can't get the cursor to go to the end of the text.

If this happens just highlight and select all, then cut. Then paste into the text box and your cursor will be set at the end of your text again.
:) Thats really handy to know! I have this app on my phone and my ipod touch and ive honestly missed out on replying alot due to this issue. I prefer the look of salon geek on the ipod/iphone so now will stick to using it on that

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thanks so much for this! its been driving me nuts trying to type and deal with autocorrect when i cant see it!
I've just got my new iPhone today and finally understood what people were on about!
Iv had this problem to! It's soo annoying! Iv spent ages trying to click the last line and gave up many times after opening advanced options ! X
Just bumping for the morning shift ;)
It can be annoying. I found that if you go to the end of the last line that you can see and press and hold (the bubble will appear so you can move your curser) then drag it down past the 'open advanced options' bar it will set your curser to the very end of your text where you can't see it. Works for me now I've got used to it.


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