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Jan 27, 2007
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Firstly I only did my Brisa conversion about 5 weeks ago, I have worn them on myself since with no problems at all, no lifting, no chipping etc

However, in the salon, I have only had 2 clients requesting gel, all others are l&p or shellac, so I'm not really getting the experience I need, but thats a whole other issue!

Both the clients I did have lost their nails within the first week. First client came in and I checked her nails and they were totally clean! No marks of damage at all, it was though she'd never had gel on in the first place :| I replaced them with l&p for her as I have confidence in my skills with that. Haven't heard back from her and that was over a week ago so assuming all is fine.

Second client was due in for a 3 week rebalance today, didn't turn up so I called her and she said all nails on one hand only had come off within the first week and she went elsewhere to get the rest removed and wants to leave them natural for now.

So I have a fail rate of 2 out of 2 :(

I'm obviously going wrong somewhere, I've re-capped over my procedure, following what I was taught and also the CND dvd and can't see what I've missed. From the first clients nails which I saw it suggests that the gel was never fully adhered to the nail plate in the first place but I know I followed PREP, Brisa Bond for 10 seconds, followed by 2 min cure for each of white and pink, then 2 mins for Brisa Gloss which I used to fully encase the enhancement.

Any ideas please ???
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Are the bulbs in your light still in tip top condition ?

did you tip and over lay or sculpt ? did you lay down some clear first ? or just go straight on with the white ?

was it a cover pink or the sheere ?
Lamp is only 5 weeks old so not that.

I wasn't taught to put down a layer of clear before going straight in with the white. I used opaque pink on both, one over tips other was NNO.
Lamp is only 5 weeks old so not that.

I wasn't taught to put down a layer of clear before going straight in with the white. I used opaque pink on both, one over tips other was NNO.

Ok , ages ago ( lol ) the brisa bond was not cured , after applying we had to do a base layer of clear that was worked into the nail & tip then cured then work on top of this ,
This gives it a bonding layer ,

I *think* if with the newer brisa bond you cure for 10 and don't have to work in the clear layer so much ,

But if you are using opaque pink and opaque white, the light dose not pass through as easily as with transparent , , so I would do a clear layer just to be sure the light had passed through completely .and cured to the nail.

one other thing though

As your light is only a few weeks old are you 100% sure that you got all of the blue film off .
My trainer set my lamp up for me so I hope it was right lol certainly seems ok with Shellac :)

So if I work a clear layer of gel, would I apply Brisa Bond, cure for 10, then the clear layer - would I cure this before applying white? If so for 10 secs or 2 mins?

btw thank you for helping :hug:
I hope I took all the film off!

You are following the correct procedure, you know that because they have lasted on your own nails :cool:

However on these clients I would scrub in a very thin layer of clear Brisa first (after bond) and cure for two mins before building with the opaque. If they still have problems with retention you either have pickers or as you say put them on to L&P

lol Della I'm pretty sure you did :)

Brisa bond 10 secs
clear layer 2 mins
white 2 mins
pink 2 mins
Brisa Gloss 2 mins

Is that right?

Would I still have to do that if I don't use the opaque? Interestingly on myself I just have the sheer pink only, maybe thats why mine are ok?
That's it :biggrin:

With the new Brisa Bond you shouldn't need the clear layer but those of us who've done it for years tend to do it automatically and it certainly won't do any harm!

Let us know how you get on :hug:
Thank you thank you thank you :Love:

I'll try this out and hopefully no more problems!

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