Problems with OPI Clarite white


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Apr 18, 2006
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I have benn using Opi Clarite for sometime now, alot of my clients have simply natural powder in zone 1 but a few like the spa white, the only problem is I don't think it is very bright white it's pretty dull! Does anyone have this problem with this product? is it something i'm doing wrong? or is the product just not bright white like Creative??
I really like the clarite products and don't really want to stop using them as the other colours are great it's just this one!
Have any of you got some ideas please???

Thanks Lisa
No hun,i found the exact same when i trained with Clarite.Its a bit off white and a cream colour.

Do you use another system,maybe absolute as that IS very white!

I also found with some clients that it yellowed slightly when they came back for back fills,and they were using the correct home care,and could not understand why this was happening.So i now no longer use this sytem.I changed over to Absolute,but i find it does set quicker and doesnt give me,the time to play with it a bit longer :!:
we use clairate in class ad its just that way I think too. I bring in my xxxwhite from yn and show my students that we just mix the powder with the clarite liquid and no problems.

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