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Feb 13, 2007
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East Midlands
I removed acrylic from the thumb nail of one of my clients on Sunday. She has been having her nails done on and off for about 5 years, but she is a picker - BIG TIME!! She picked her natural nails so bad a couple of years ago that there was a whole in the middle of her thumb nail and this caused a ridge on the lunula, which is a permanent fixture. She said it started off a little flaking in the middle of the nail plate and she picked it like mad, even using a pin to get at it!! I think she probably had a fungal infection at that time but she wasn't my client at the time. Anyway, I removed her acrylic with Product Remover, massaged SolarManicure into her hands, then some AHA Cuticle Eraser and SolarOil into her nails, tidied up her cuticles and hangnails, buffed and shined them and then massaged her hands and arms with SolarSilk. Afterwards she told me that her thumb was numb around the matrix area. I was concerned but put it down to the way that she was pressing her thumb on the bottom of the bowl quite hard. The next day she called and said it was still numb, but not as much as the day before, and then told me that when her thumb was in the Product Remover it was stinging but "she didn't like to say". Today it is still numb.

So I guess I would just like to know... what caused the numbness, and will it eventually wear off? Has anyone had this before? And should I avoid soaking off nails of nails that have been damaged by picking even if there are no open cuts at the time.:irked:
Numbness of any sort is caused by 3 things (I'm an expert at this after spending the last 2 years on the hospital couch)

Lack of blood flow - noticeably blue tinged extremity's or digits
Impinged (or pinched) nerve
Nerve Damage

since shes managed to mangle her thumb my bets on nerve damage in the thumb
Thanks for the reply hun. I guess we'll just have to hope the feeling comes back, nightmare. I'm filing her extensions off in future!

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