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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Have finally got my lift sorted for Excel next month hooray :D

Geek: will there be any discounts on the Creative range (VAT knocked off)?

Maybe members of this board could arrange to meet on a one of the days for a chat and a drink?....its just a thought...we could then put faces to names...I'm up for anyone else interested in a 'get together'? :D
There has recently been a thread called 'VAT FREE' a little bit further down this page - please check it out!! In 12 years of exhibiting, we have never had VAT FREE, it is illegal to do so even though some do! We will have great deals as always which can often equate to MORE than 17.5% but I don't know what the deals will be yet! Hope this helps ;)
:oops: Sorry, I didn't realise about the other thread and the fact that it is illegal to do VAT free, I have seen this done at other shows....I feel such an idiot :(
Hi Sharon,
Put me on your list to meet up for a chat, I think its a great idea
:D Ok Deb, will do, hope to see you there. :D
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