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Sep 16, 2007
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Has anyone tried this product? Its meant to help stimulate the growth of your natural lashes. Fancy trying it myself for research purposes! Wondered if anyone has tried it and has any feedback?
Be really carefull !
On my friend’s advice I ordered a free trial of this product.
It arrived just as I was going on holidays so I havent had a chance to use it yet but as I came back from my holiday I see prolashes has charged me £69 on top of the original £4.95 I paid for postage and delivery.
Apparently if you don’t sent the product back withing those 14 days then you’re happy to pay this price which was never mentioned before.
I called them today to see if I could still send it back as I havent opened it and I didnt want to pay full price I only wanted to receive a sample and they said it wasnt possible to sent it back as it’s been 16 days (not 14).
Also I find out that if I don’t cancel before 6 weeks, you get sent a new one automatically and get charged £69 + £4.95 again and again every 6 weeks until you call them to cancel!
When I called my bank they said i’ve not authorized a single paiement but a subscription!
I called my friend to see if she had any luck with the product (i havent tried it yet being away) and she said that after 3 weeks of using it she started to have itchiness around the eyes and she called them to say she was allergic to it and they tol her she could get a refund either.
bottom line THIS IS AN AWFULL CON!

I ordered a trial of Prolash and I cancelled 11 days after ordering it, (well within the time limit) using their required method on their website, an email headed Returns Request.
They replied saying that they will cancel any further supplies but to carry on using the stuff. I wondered why they didn't ask me to return it but I thought that with H&S issues they wouldn't be able to sell it again and would have to throw it away so maybe this is a way of me changing my mind with further use.
I few days later I noticed they had taken £67 from my account.!
I am now locked in dispute with them. They said I didn't tell them I want to return it. The Header clearly stated 'Returns Request' so how much clearer could that be..?
I think their marketing is sharp practice and I'm sure it's altogether legal.
Don't bother with the 'free trial' - it won't be free...!

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