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Jul 19, 2010
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Hi I'm looking for somewhere that stocks budget but good quality hair extensions a similar colour the the ends on either of these pictures as I have a client wanting this purple through but the fade concerns myself and her as she's had bright colours before in her own hair but unhappy with the fade so I thought extensions maybe a compromise as they won't fade like crazy colours and directions
Try foxy hair extensions, they do loys of crazy colours

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I think Lush do a colour similar however they may only be clip ins
Beautyexpressuk supermodel which is a massive supplier they only have their ebay shop dont be put off cause they are on ebay a lot of big suppliers sell on ebay the hairs great they do pre bonded, wefts in red purple, pink and its at a great price also euphoriaone hair extensions shes just set up on facebook she does all colours and the hairs amazing. I use beautyexpressuk as my budget and euphoria as my middle class here are some pics first is using beautyexpres and 2nd is euphoria they anit b!right colours but to show you what its like


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Just looking at the ebay store, its is incredibly cheap…. how does it wash? How many months are your clients getting out of it. Also is it double drawn?
Fab thanks ladies I'll have a look at those xx
its not dd not at that price lol and my clients get 3 months out of it and wsdh it as u would extensions they are grade a so they are a budget hair

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