Purple root blend into blond


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Marie Allen

Nov 15, 2015
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Hi all I have a customer who wants this purple roots into silver blonde look that's going round. She is naturally blonde but has a colour blond on her hair at the moment. I know I'm going to have to lift the ends where she wants a silvery blond to get that look. However my concern is bleeding the purple onto the blond. Do I do the purple roots and the bleach kid lengths and ends wash then dry and then add the silvery blond tone to be able to wash the purple out as much as possible to avoid it bleeding? Or do you think I should pre lighten first wash dry then apply the purple and the blonde at same time? Customer is nervous of having such a new hairstyle and I want her to feel comfortable as possible so don't want her picking up on I'm worrying about colour bleeding lol xxx any help will be amazing thank you xx
I'd lift areas and dry
Then purple roots and dry
Then toner onto the blonde to get silver blonde look
I wouldn't worry about it bleeding into the blonde however if your worried use cotton wool to divide sections but I don't think it would make a difference

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