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Oct 10, 2015
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hi everyone

so recently decided to get back into hairdressing after taking a veeeeeery long break. im qualified to level 2 however forgot so much (its slowly all coming back) but ive decided its best for me to go into a salon to get some work experience (voluntarily) - going into a salon Tuesday for a chat.

however, I was also looking at refresher courses and now I just think........ am I better off just going for level 3?
options im thinking are

jump straight in now and try to get a level 3
wait and gain some experience in the salon/ get my level 2 skills back up to scratch/get confidence back... then go for level 3 next sept

or will I be ok working indefinitely with level 2 if I keep up to date with creative colour/cutting courses?

all advice much appreciated :)
Firstly, doing your Level 3 wouldn't be wasted, so might be worth considering depending on costs and timings.

You could also consider doing a refresher cut/colour course.
Local training colleges and hairdressing wholesalers run lots of short courses which might be suitable.
The Sassoon Academy runs the ABC complete course over 4/5 days which covers cutting and colour.

Finally, I'd recommend looking at online training. There are lots but my two favourite are:
www.myhairdressers.com This requires a subscription but the amount of high quality information you get access to would be well worth it, for someone just getting back into the profession.
You can download the information PDF's, watch the videos and practice on dolls heads if you're feeling rusty.

Hope that's given you some ideas for your next steps.
AcidPerm, thanks for replying.
I decided it would be a good idea to get some salon experience and hopefully learn from other stylists there. Have rang one salon and asked to come in voluntarily on a Saturday and shes asked to speak with me Tuesday! so im hopeful for that.

meanwhile, going to get on some courses from suppliers. in 2 years ( when my little one starts school ) ill re-evaluate my confidence/skills ect and if needed will start level 3.

colour correction was a concern for me, as obviously you do this on level 3. however my local supplier does a colour correction course for level 2 qualified.

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