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May 17, 2022
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West Sussex
Good Morning,

I am looking for a career change and I would like to train as an Electrolysist.

I have been given a lot of conflicting advice as to which qualifications are needed or would be best to have and I am really hoping one of you lovely people could offer some advice!
I believe I would need an NVQ Level 3 or equivalent in order to practice ? with further advanced training in Electrolysis, in order to offer skin blemish/wart etc. removal ?
I have found a local school offering a CIBTAC level 2 & 3 in beauty therapy and other schools offering Electrolysis training to bolt on to those qualifications.

I have also found one lady who is offering a Beauty Guild course in both basic and advanced Electrolysis but this wouldn't provide an actual qualification which I am concerned about. I am not sure which course is best ?

Any advice would be gratefully received! Many Thanks x
Hi Fosters, welcome!

Go for the CIBTAC course. It will give you a great foundation (it’s how I trained). You will have to learn lots of skills that you might not be very interested in, but the training will help develop your hand eye co-ordination and introduce you to skin analysis, both vital for electrolysis,. For example you’ll learn much more about how hair grows by waxing it. And the training as a beauty therapist teaches you develop “bedside manner” for example by doing facials you’ll learn to organise your workstation, and to work neatly and efficiently.

When you’ve completed your CIBTAC I’d suggest you look for a beauty therapy course to a minimum of level 4.
A level 4 course won’t teach you the important basics that you learn on the CIBTAC so you'd need to do both. Some level 4 courses include electrolysis and there is quite a bit of variation in the course syllabus - you want a diploma course rather than a certificate.

The industry is changing gradually and lots more treatments will need verifiable qualifications in the future. You’ll need to have a level 4 qualification in general beauty therapy as well as electrolysis and this will give you more employment options -for instabce in a clinic where you can gain experience.

Don’t worry too much about the best way to train in electrolysis at this stage, keep looking at courses throughout your CIBTAC training snd ask your tutor for advice. Decide later and keep us updated from time to time.
Hi I agree with the above. CIBTAC is a recognised established qualification. I did my CIBTAC exams a long time ago and the principles and practical elements are excellent. Good luck

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