Quattro - New bottle so why???


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Feb 6, 2006
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After my post yesterday about uv top coats I managed to find an old bottle of Star Nails quattro it had gone really thick but cured ok after 90 seconds and was really shiney. So today I bought a new bottle and it's not staying shiney after curing:irked: I've tried and tried I just don't get it??
With my old bottle I found that i needed to wipe the tacky layer off (don't know if this needs to be done)? with the new bottle i've found that there isn't really any tackyness maybe a tiny bit sticky. I just cant understand why the new bottle is losing it's shine after curing? I've tried leaving it but when I wash my hands the shines gone, i've tried wiping it with gel wipe and the same thing happens:irked::irked: when I remove my hands from the lamp the nails are shiney but if I just touch one the shine goes!! What's going on??
If it's my bulb why did the old gunked up bottle work?
Any help would be really appreciated.
I use quattro as my toap coat and trained with Star Nails You dont remove a tacky layer after curing . You should cure for 2 minutes an it should be totally dry with no tacky layer left behind sometimes if I apply too much I have to cure for a little longer I hope this helps a little bit :)
I have used Quattro since nov 06 and the only problem i have is that if you do put on a bit thick and dont cure quite long enough then it goes dull....

my suggestion change your uv bulb.

i use a uv lamp from The Edge range and it works great with Quattro.

Wierd eh? Take the bottle back - maybe they have had a bad batch????

oops forgot to say I cure for 3 mins - !!!
You should cure for 2 minutes an it should be totally dry with no tacky layer

I agree! Probably putting on too thick or maybe not enough? It would be a good ides to check your lamp.

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