Question about colour pops. Sorry!


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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
Sounds like a mundane question and I am sorry in advance if I sound doff :o . How do you apply Shellac to colour pops?

Do you paint over the top of the pops (excuse the pun) ie. over the concave part or under the pops ie. convex? Painting in the convex part would avoid the need for wasting top coat as it would be shiny when viewed the other side, but then would you need to apply base coat first?

Also, As Shellac does not last on a natural nail without the base coat, do you have to apply the base first or to avoid waste, can you go straight to colour?

I don't want to make errors and waste my pops as they are quite fragile.

What do you do?
Hi I go straight onto the top of my pops and then I either use up the dregs of my top coat or use a standard polish top coat. No need for base coat x

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I just paint over the top of them just like I would a nail. I use base coat, but not sure if you need to or not.
No base coat, 2coats of colour or 3 if layering, applied to the top of the pop! A coat of normal top coat.hth
No base coat, I paint the underneath if it's just a normal colour so no need for top coat, but obviously you can't do this of your layering or doing nail art/glitter etc x

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