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May 24, 2004
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Brooklyn, NY
I just purchased a used one on eBay (very good condition) with manual and nails, however the adhesive, gel and primer and not avilable. Can I use regular nail products on it?

I'm so excited to be getting one. Not sure if I want to spend big money on a Nail course so I'm "dipping my toe in the water" if you will. Thanks for all replies!
Yep. you can use all your normal nail glues, primers on it.
Well, i´m taking a Essential Nails course, witch is a home learn course and it comes with the nail trainer. We are warned in this course that some products are for use on the nail trainer only and not real people. For example the nail glue is made to mimic the setting time of other glues meant for real people. It sets in 10 sec on the cold nail trainer. Regular glues (that set in 10 sec too, but with the help of the heat of the hand) might take longer to set on the nail trainer. Some other differences might occour depending on the system you're using. Since i'm learning gel, and it cures via uv light there's no diference, but if you're doing l & p the heat (or lack of it) might influence the curing time... The rest of the products i think they are mostly the same, but do not use acetone on it, the nails are made in plastic and they will melt.
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