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Jan 11, 2003
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My teacher at school( taking a refresher coarse) got me an interview at a salon......The lady was great, the place was really nice, was willing to still help out with anything I needed, help get my timing better and answer any question I had, it was a great oppturnity, but..... She went 50/50 till you built a cliental, then would do space rent, which is 107.00 a wk. which ended up 428.oo a mth including tax... You had your own room, which was cool, but I had to put out 300.00!!! :shocker:

That was for my table, lamps, and all my supplies and products......Is this a good thing???

My girlfriend said that it should be 60/40 and that the rent was a little high for a nail tech, at her salon they only pay 250.00 ( nail girls)....

My teacher said she has another salon that needs a nail tech, but I need to supply my own products and brushes......

I've never worked in a salon, so I don't know what is good or not...
My problem is..I don't have any money to buy this stuff....I have creative, white, clear and pink, and 1 brush.. I guess that's not enuff to work in a salon?!?! :?

Any help would be great...

Hi Jamie, I personally think she is out to exploit you. Have an ask around, most of us only pay 25%. I have worked in 2 salons now and I pay 25% in both. Especially when you provide all your own products.
Where I work we are all self-employed but the hairdressers don`t supply their own products so they keep 40% from what they take.
Look for somewhere else, you`ll soon build up clientelle and you won`t have to pay that much rent.
First is the rent in pounds or dollars??
We are talking Florida here and not the Uk ???

To start off on 50/50% is a bit high, will she buy the products, obviously not.
Then you have to pay out 300 for the table, lamp aso. Well if it's the top super dooper model then it might be justified.

Even the 40/60 cut is still a bit high for my liking.Out of that you will still have to buy your on stock, insurance, pay your taxes and eat.
Then going on to flat rent, flat rent is great if you can be guaranteed to take enough to make a living pay rent and pay for your products.

Is it a very good high street based Salon? Is there an established clientele?
What would you charge for a set of Extensions?
Would the owner pay for the advertising?

Work out ,if you can afford to be based there.
You might want to sit down and write down some figure..........
How much will you charge???
How long does it take for the services you will offer, then break that down into a realistic figure.
If you work 8 hours a day, that means you work for about 7 of those. Make allowances for a break, some food, fresh air aso.
That will give you a rough guide to your hourly rate, does the hourly rate give you a profit after paying out for the rent and stock and stuff???
Can you live on this???
Here is an example of how we got to our hourly rate , our figure workout.............
Adjust your break down to the 50/50 figure the 40/60 figure and then the 25% figure, you will then see the difference each proposal makes, earning wise......
Full Set £50.00 time allowance 1hr 10 minutes
Owner cut is 25% so that = £12.50 leaves £ 38.50 for me take away product cost of about £3.50 leaves £35.00
So we arrive at the figure of £30.00 hourly earning potential............
Then you break down each additional service and work it out in the same way............
This also helps you with your pricing.
If after all the working out you cant live on whats left over, then look for a better deal.
It also helps, if you get these figure down on paper and then present them to the owner and tell her, thats your projection, she will then see that you mean business...........
In the Uk 25% seems to be the norm, but some girls pay flat rent and seem to be doing pretty good on that.......

So my advice to you is, take a deep breath, work it out and then show them your stuff.................

If the owner runs the renting above board , she will have to declare your rent to the Taxman and will only be left with some of the rent money not all of it will go into her pocket.

Also check out her policy of insurance, is your stuff insured should their be a break in, flood or fire on the premises?????
Will you be re-imbursed , should the salon not be open for business???
Just a thought
good luck Ruth xxxx
I'm in Florida...The salon has a good business, they are right next to a tanning salon... The girl that was there was fired, she was making about 400.00 a wk.......

150.00 of the 300.00 is just for the nail table, the rest of the money would go for everything else...... besides having to buy my liquids and powders, I'd also have to buy my own polishes as well, which would mean it would be over 300.00, in my opinion!!
They charged about 30-40 for a set of nails...

My girlfriend said to look for a place that will do 60/40, at first untill I get a cliental, then do rental, but it shouldn't really be over 250.00 a mth....

but for right now i have to do them out of my house , until I get the rest of my products, then I can look into a salon,....

My girlfriend is buying her friends salon, and is thinking about bring it to Ocala, we are a growing town!!!!
We're talking about doing Tammy Taylor, for the fact that no one does them around here, you have to go to either Leesburg or Gainsville to get them, which is about 30-45 mins away... but I'm finding Creative alot easier to do..... Any ideas on this???????

I have a acrylic, silk and gel class monday nite, so i'm going to talk to my teacher, about where to get my products cheaper....

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