Question actually, what is a NAIL BAR ?


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Jan 18, 2003
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I picked up right quick like on the meaning of a "quickie shop". And it took a while longer, but I have picked up the meaning of "dodgy". But I still do not understand what is a 'nail bar'. At first I thought it referred to an entire style of nail shop, perhaps mostly found in high rent areas of the larger cities and the use of stools and bebervages offered in a waiting area while customers awaited their turn at the nail table. And if that was the case then also perhaps that nail bar salons marketed towards a lot of the walkin trade from nearby office worker areas, ect. But
other posts I read had me wondering if 'nail bar' actually was a term for a specific style or design of a nail table. So, please, what is the meaning of 'nail bar'. These terms I have never encountered here is the USA.
A Nail bar is a salon whos table is similar to a long bar... Teks on one side... customers on the other as opposed to nail desks.

It became quite fashionable a few years ago in the UK.

Thats a nail bar in a nutshell ;)
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