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Feb 14, 2004
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Milton Keynes
Hey Rachel,

I'm still working my way through your book (which is still ace, fab, wicked by the way!!)

I have one question on page 88 is the tiger, please pray tell where did you get him from? I've searched high and low for something similar as this design is a must!

Thanks in hope

hi im being nosey r u talkin about ka sa ra nail art book??
emmalouisa said:
hi im being nosey r u talkin about ka sa ra nail art book??
Hi Emma,
Yeah i think the tiger looks stunning and would love to attempt it, can't find one anywhere near nail size though to try! I've brought some make your own decals so may resort to downloading and printing one in the end!

i agree i havent got that far yet let me know if you find out where u get them ??

thanxs xx
oppps it on page 38 the 3 look like an 8 in the book lol if anyone wanted to know xx
We dont do them anymore, i am so sorry! I like that page as its me doing the transfer on my sister Kerrie! Kiss discontinued them about 2 years ago (our old supplier), but i do think that Millenium Nails still do similar! Its such a shame as it was soooooooo popular, but watch this space, i am always on the look out!
Thanks Rachel,

If you do get anything similar please let us know, everyone i've shown it to know wants it on their nails. I'm gonna have a go at making one with decal paper and see how it turns out!

will do!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to sound thick, but what is decal paper and where can you buy it please?
:p where can u get decal paper. really want sum, big bo-selecta fan, can put michael jackson on my nails, he-he! Showmo!

(Sorry am sad obsessed fan of cult tv!)
sorry reale dumn, just saw website u posted!!!

Maybe i need to get sum sleep, im going crazy!:rolleyes:

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