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Jun 29, 2016
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I have looked through the search archive, and obviously lots of people have asked questions about mobile beauty & how to be efficient carrying everything about etc.

I am not set up as mobile yet, but it's my goal to work towards this, So I thought I would start a thread for mobile help & hints.

There are lots of different brands and products and it can be alot to research, even worse you buy something, then not long after using it you find a better quality item you wish you had got.

If anyone has some extra tips and advice how they package up their kit including pics, Please feel free to share here:

Researching on this Forum I have found:

○Roo Beauty bags are highly recommened:

Also a great way to carry your polish if you are working from 2 locations, salon & mobile, you can pack up & take your polish with you rather than having 2 collections of stock.

○ Footsie bath spa
(Heated and vibrates)


○ Beleva pedicure tub

Both of these styles have hygienic disposable liners.

A couple of things I have found useful for myself that are good & a brilliant price are:

○Highly recommend this lamp from Ikea, good cable length and clamps on well, comes in a selection of colours. Fab size, flexi & nice and bright.

○Primark small make up bags, double sided only £3, great for storing polish in for now until I get a good bag.


What's your favourite organising tips you have learnt from your experiences? Also any favourite portable table & ways of organising all the nail art bits and bobs would be very appreciated.
Thank you x
My best tip is to decant the products into smaller bottles/tubs. I use generic travel sized bottles and tubs for things I'm not too fussed about, for example soapy water, hand soap massage oil etc. But some products I want to show my clients what I use, so I just bought few smaller sized retail items and top them up. This means you don't need to carry around 1L of massage oil everywhere! :D
I have recently bought the nail pro case from urbananity and it is amazing for if you're just starting out but they do bigger cases if you have lots of kit, I also bought a clip on led lamp from lidl for £5 a few days ago which is tiny but so bright :)
Thank you both for your replies, great idea with the small bottles, I bet that takes the weight off your bag alot, it's so many little bits to keep organised.

Thanks for the lamp suggestion, that's a fantastic price x

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