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Jun 22, 2003
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Hi Everyone

Just been looking through my latest copy of pro nails and came across a snippet about somebody called Andrea Fullerton, she is refered to as a sessions tech. Could somebody explain what a sessions tech is ?

Sorry if I sound thick ! Just wondering !!

Thanx Sassy xx
hi sassy
a session tech is someone who is usually freelance, & travels around doing either photographic or magazine work.
i do this on a part-time basis as i also own & work in a salon & teach for creative.
the jobs can b very well paid, but sometimes the job is more benefitial as a piece on your portfolio.
i.e i did a 2-day photo shoot for british VOGUE for no money, but what an experience!
then i did a job for the designer jil sander & was paid £200 for 3 hrs work, the same as the hairdresser & the make-up artist!!

if u want 2 get into this kind of work, u either have to know someone who is prepared to take u onboard, or u work for nothing creating a portfolio, & getting yourself known as someone who is discreet, brilliant at what they do & prepared for ANYTHING!

this kind of work doesn't fall in your lap, ask people like nicola joss, andrea fullerton, marion newman, & leighton denny
it takes lots of research & lots of networking.

when it comes together tho, it rocks! my favorite is working backstage at london fashion week.

liza xxx
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