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Apr 15, 2006
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I'v had a question put to me which I thought I was sure of the answer but now I'm doubting myself.

Can gel cure if the pot is placed on top of a uv lamp where absolutly no uv light can get to it ?! ( I have cured a pot of gel before when I used it in front of a window !!!) But what if there definalty wasnt any direct uv light getting to it ( apart from the natrual amounts of uv wich is always around )

The pot is a double skin pot that I assume has some resistance to uv rays
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hmmm, a tricky one!

I would have to say that, no, i dont think it can!

But if it has happened then what has caused it??

I did once have a friends mum who had done a nail course and her gels kept setting in the pot. I asked her all the relevant questions and it came to light (excuse the pun) that she had been doing nails in the conservatory! When i told her that would be why she said ' but its not been sunny out for weeks!'....still makes me laugh!

Let me know if you find the answer as im intruiged now x
Thanks for the reply.
My nsi gel had crystalized not cured but when I posted the question on nsi it bought up another question of can gel cure without direct uv light either from a lamp or working in a conservatory of in front of a window ( both I have done grrrr !) I'm sure it cant but didnt want to give someone wrong info ! x

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