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Apr 27, 2004
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hi i thought id start a new thread on this as i wanted to know if anyone had used the body wrap from elissons and how did they find it?? also the quick lift products ?
thanxs xx
Hi Emma

I went for a Universal Contour Wrap today at a local salon. My reasons being two fold - one I desperately want to loose some (in fact many) inches, secondly I was considering adding this service to my treatment menu.
Unforunately I was unimpressed on both counts. I was told that I had lost 10.5 inches, including 1 inch from my bust and one inch from my stomach. My trousers were just as tight when I went in as when I came out. Not a particularly enjoyable experience, bandaged very tightly, left for an hour to go freezing cold.
They take lots of measurement and every tenth of an inch is recorded then all adds up.
10.5 inches!! - The only thing I lost was 50 quid!

I'd think twice about offering any body wrap until you have tried it yourself.
Oh forgot to say - she used six lengths of bandages on my legs alone - I lost count after that! The kit comes with just 10 bandages I think, unless the person was ultra skinny it would not be enough.
hi thanxs for your help but in elissons it says 10 body wraps should cover one person and u used 6 on your leg that will work out quite expensive how about the strictly prof bidy wrap wats the average number of wraps would u use from them????
Debs seems to know more about this - on the other thread on the go at the moment.

All I can say is that I am a size 16-18 and at a guess I would say that she must have used at least twenty bandages. I asked how many bandages she would normally use and she said up to 30 depending on the person's size.

Don't know anything about the strictly professional range - only Quickslim is advertised with Ellisons I think.

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