Quiet January


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Mar 1, 2008
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Cornwall England
Hi guys my January is so so quiet! It's probably the worst it's ever been. Anyone else having the same issue? I think a lot of people really overspent at Christmas (was on the news record borrowing and spending of money in the uk) how's anyone else doing. Xx
I have had such a quiet Jan too I was sooo busy in Dec and now i have had not even a handful of clients all Jan. I have people booked in for this weekend so hopefully its starting to pick up. It always is in Jan though x
I've been the same. My late night and Friday's have been ok but very little inbetween.
Its been quite hit & miss, im taking it easier this month. Sorting out paperwork updating website little nitty gritty mind numbing jobs to do. Salongeek is my distraction!

One thing that has gone up for me was the retail, we may be quieter but people want products and facials! Its a nice little earner! Get your clients hooked on products!!!

Its just a long month pay wise for most ppl. Hope it gets busier for you! Xoxo

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