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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
I recently went for an interview with a view to working in a salon part time to top up my mobile work & 2 work with like minded people. After passing the trade test I was offered a job, but the owner only wanted to pay me £4.95 per hour :( , I declined based on the fact I can earn £10 per hour after expenses. Is this the going rate? :shock: I realise the owner has overheads but surely a skilled professional is worth more than this.

What do employers think out there is this a poor rate to offer a qualified technician? I'd love to hear your options :D
Yes I thing this is quite low?? but what is the average earnings in your area

I have girls who work for me and have a hourly rate which is about £5.50
an hour but also earn 10% commision which takes their pay to about £7 to £8 an hour if they have full columns they also earn about £40 in tips a week and I supply everything including all the marketing, receptionist with computer 4 weeks paid holiday and a very busy and modern shop and they still make me a profit and have the security of an hourly rate in the quieter times . I pay for all their training NVQ19 and also Creative training which is on going depending if they want to stay employed (which I must say there are some people that prefer this) and they do not have to worry about insurance tax or NI

However If they want to earn more they go self employed on 60/40 percentage however they then pay for there own training and their own insurance although I supply everything else and again if they dont work they dont earn.

If you are already mobile why do you want to go and be employed why dont you suggest the 60/40 or rent a chair would this not be easier although it will take time to build a clientle you will earn more money??

Hope this helps

Thanks for your feedback..I think the problem I have is that all the salons in my area are Creative and don't want to use another system, & thats fair enough. I have offered to rent space from good Hair Salons and they just don't want to commit to such a proposition.

I only work in nails part-time doing mobile & dont have enough clients to do this full time & I would love to rent a chair but it just doesn't seem to be a possibility locally for me right now. Hopefully when I am qualified in OPI next May this will help me more :?

If not I will just have to stick with the mobile, but if anyone out there knows of anyone looking for a flexible good nail technician in fibreglass please let me know :)
Fab Freak said:
all the salons in my area are Creative and don't want to use another system, & thats fair enough.

There are good reasons why Creative technicians are so loyal to the brand. You seem to want to go in any direction but the Creative one, which is your right of course, but as I say, there are reasons .... maybe you should look into it yourself.

There is a lot more to the Creative system than how you prep and how you apply the product. There are the products themselves - so different they are patented technology - education, the best there is and on going - the life of the products on the nails - the fact that your customers can't buy the product nor are they sold on the QVC channels - the true professional's choice - customer service - to name but a few. Oh, and of course there is always the fact that technicians using the Creative brand have won every competition in the country for the last 15 years or so !!! Hmmm ... makes you think doesn't it?
well said !!!!!
I am keen to learn the Creative system but I have spent a lot of money on the total technician with star and now have paid out for an OPI kit through Wakefield College for their Competition 3000 Acrylic system and to date I must have spent around £1,000 in kit and uniform nail art etc...

Hopefully in the summer when I have done a year on I can afford to pay for a conversion course. :) Bascially I believe the more workshops and courses I do the better I will be and I love the idea of being flexible and being able to offer what suits each individual client best.

Unfortunately in May this year I chose Star over Creative mainly as Creative wouldn't send me brochure to cost up the products and how much it would cost to do a set unlike Star who were willing to send me this information which helped me work out how long it would take to recoupe my initial outlay and how many sets it would take to do this.

I will call Creative today and order a sample of the Fabric and try them on myself to see the difference and look forward to the results :D
can i just say something............ i originally chose star over creative.
then i tried blending a star tip in comparison to a creative tip.........
i'm sure u can guess the rest.......Probably not the most interseting of point but believe me creative is by far the best
Fab Freak said:
Unfortunately in May this year I chose Star over Creative mainly as Creative wouldn't send me brochure to cost up the products and how much it would cost to do a set unlike Star who were willing to send me this

Creative will not send out brochures of their trade price list to non professionals who do not already hold a certificate of competence. If we did, then your customers could get hold of our trade price list ... as a professional would you like this to happen? We like to protect the professionalism of our nail technicians and we make no apology for our strict guidelines in this matter.

Unfortunately your clients can buy the product you are using too, quite easily ... if this doesn't bother you then there is no problem.
Speaking first as a Fibreglass Technician..........
I have been a qualified Fibreglass/Silk Technician for over a decade now.....My daughter Faye for 5 years........
We have used every Fibreglass system under the sun..........

But never dared to Compete at national Nail or Beauty Shows, as we always felt that the system we where using wasn't up to par..........
Now in August this year my daughter and I tried the Fabric# System, well what can I say......

Fibreglass does not have it's own category in the Nail competitions any more, due to lack of willing Fibreglass Technicians.........

So my daughter and I competed with the Fabric# system one month later in September at Excel, and got a cool 3rd and 9th place.......We where the only 2 Fibreglass Technicians there...........The judges even thought we where using L&P, so that says a lot for Fabric# I think......

So we then competed again, in Manchester in October and Faye got 2nd place and I got 5th in the major competition..........again battling against L&P............so Creative Fabric# is the Fibreglass system we use and love.........it made us Competition winners..........

Secondly speaking as a Creative L&P Technician since July.......
When looking into courses to take, the first thing I looked at was not the break down of product cost, but the quality of the training!!!!!!!...........

The standard of training with Creative is very high, very in depth and you have to know your stuff........Thats why Competition winners are mostly Creative Technicians.......Thats why Creative Technicians are requested for at Fashion shows............
Ones a Technician becomes a Creative Technician they do not compromise and settle for anything less........ Thats why they wont use any other system in a Creative Salon........

Now I am not being disrespectful to anyones training here, how or who they have trained with...........
As long as you feel you have received the best training you money can buy and you are happy with your after training support then brill...........
But food for thought..........I have been a Nail Tech for over a decade,but a Creative Nail Tech since July and I wished i had found creative much sooner...........But hey late then never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I think the better your training is and your qualifications are, the better chance you will have, of asking for a better pay deal.........

Just my tuppence worth
Congrats on your competition results, they are most impressive!
Personally I much prefer the look of fibreglass to acrylic and most of my customers do to date. I will be ordering a sample of the Creative and look forward to comparing it and seeing who I work with this product.
Hey maybe one day i to would be able to produce winning nails in Fibreglass in this crazy world of L&P.

Thanks for you feed back it all helps.. :D
Have made the call and spoke to a lovely chap called David at Creative and will be purchasing some Fabric next week!, I'm very excited and can't wait to see the results! I will let you know how I get on :)
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