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Jan 10, 2003
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have any of you done a re balance on a client when she has been somewhere else to get her nails done but comes to you for a re balance and you know that the acrylic she has got on is not the same as yours

does it work alright or are you best to soak off and do a full new set
i had this last week lady came in had lost one nail asked if i would put her one on i did she was thrilled with it and says she would like to come to me when she needs her re balance but i know that she does not have retention + on so will it work ???????
I had this happen when I first was out of school. The client came in for a fill after going to someone else for her set and one fill. I used CND products but this poor woman could not keep nails on . I have no problem with accepting it was me but I also thought that the other person she went to used a lesser quality product. Just my pinion.
We have recently opened a nail bar so obviously we have had a lot of clients that have been elsewhere but now come to us and they have different products on to cnd (which is what we use).

I tend to do primer on them and advise them that I am putting on our products on top of a product that I do not know, if any lifting probs occur it could possibly be that the prods don't work together. Anyway out of the cliients that I have done (possibly 12-15) none of them have lifted so obviously I have done a good job in prep and the product works ok.

When I was in my pre-masters class I asked this question and was advised that cnd could work over most products, I use primer as an extra retention more than anything else, just to cover my own back really.

Hope this helps altho I'm sure the Geek might want to add his thoughts on this.
Yes you can fill over someone elses work. It's not something I like to do and I won't do it at all if the client has been to a (how can I put this tactfully? a NSS, becuase the stuff is like concrete and stinks!) Advise your client that there could be a slight difference in the colour of the powder that you use and that this will show on the end result. The product you use will look alot better! File down as much of the old product as possible then reapply. If you feel you will have to do more work on them than you would on one of your usual clients charge them more.
You can rebalance over any other product (various brands of L&P, Gel, and Wrap systems) with just about any type of system (i.e. you can rebalance Gel with L&P, etc...) Though that’s not quite as ideal.

The real problem lies not in the brand they used, but more of the technique they used. The technique used could have been very poor and that could reflect on how your product performance is perceived (i.e. if they discolor, crack or yellow 2 months later... your gonna get the shtick) on the other hand... the opposite can be true... The results could end up being better than yours! Be prepared for that one by always remaining positive about the work that was done.

Far too many teks are on the aggressive side when a client comes in from someone else’s rebalance ... "oh bertha... geez... those suck... ill never take a vacation again so you don’t ever have to go without my nails again... im so sorry for putting you through that traumatic experience"...
What if it turns out Bertha was happier with the other tek? Let your work speak for you.

ooo. Im digressing.... back to the Q at hand.

Since the problem really isn’t down to the products ability to work together with another brand (it will... just not as optimally as working with itself)... and its really down to technique (i.e. did she use nippers or did she prime with duct tape?)... then I usually inform the client that I cant guarantee the work, but I bend over backwards to ensure that they will still look fab.

on a side note:
I use primer as an extra retention more than anything else

With CND... if its acidic primer... it wont give extra retention (but it will help remove extra oil that could help adhesion) check this link out

Hope this helps all!
thanks all for your help

i have got the acid free primer so i may give it a go

this is the one I Mr :fro:
just to let you know i used retention+ and perfect colour powders on this lady and it has worked fine she has rang today to book another and says that everything was ok

guess i just got myself a new client :goal:
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