Re-train or carry on where left off? Advice welcomed!


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Feb 28, 2006
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I'm just looking for some advice really.

In 2006-2007 I did some short evening courses VTCT L2 in Manicure & Pedicure, Nail Technology (using acrylic) and Makeup (also covering eye treatments but it doesnt state that on my certificate). After qualifying, I did treatments for friends and family on and off over the next couple of years but never felt truly confident enough to charge.

The next couple of years went by and I continued in offce jobs and stopped doing beauty treatments due to moving away and not knowing anyone.
I now want to make a go of doing beauty as my mind always go back to wanting to do this. I've spoken to the course leader of my local college, who has said if I do there part time evening course in waxing and then facials, that she would accept me to do Level 3 beauty the following year.

Im wondering what is the best way forward?
*whether to start from sratch and do the whole Level 2 from the begining and then move on to Level 3
*whether to go over what i learnt years ago and do the waxing and facials evening course and then the level 3 (massage route id prefer)
*or whether to do short courses at sallys etc or specialist training with companys.

Ive just re-started driving lessons, so hope to become mobile by the end of the year and work for myself, but would also like to keep my options open.

Any advice much appreciated! :lol:

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