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sabrina Smith

Apr 8, 2004
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Ingatestone. Essex
Here I sit most days while i'm at work.(I am a manager of a day nursery) and browse through the site and I just wonder what the hell I am doing in my job. Only been here 8 months, have been a manager for 3 years in another nursery and it now bores me to tears. I have been in this morning since 7.00am and have done hardly anything for the past 2 hours. I finish earlier today as I am owed time for extra hour that I have done (and won't get paid for) but my god I am soooo bored. I did my 4 day creative foundation course 2 months ago, was so proud of myself as I got grade one for all 3 sections. At 1st every one (my cousin and 3 sisiters) wanted their nails doing and every one was pleased with the results, my mum has her's done every 2-3 weeks and she is always pleased with them. It is now taking me 3 hours for a full set/ and rebalace. I find that now every one can't afford to have them done. I was charging £20 for a full set and £15 for a rebalance. I thought that this was a fair price. My sisters have never really been into nails or anything and onlt had then done because it was somehing new. I am now finding it hard to get any one to have their nails done and in order for me to leave this job I need to be able to do more nails so I can gain more skills. I really want to do this as a proffession but I am on 17 thousand a year and don't think I will ever be able to make that much as a nail tech especially the way I am going. I know it isn't all about the money but I have bills and the rest to pay and can't really afford to get much less that 1000 a month.
I know that it takes hard work and effort and I am willing to put it in if given the chance. I really would appreciate some advice. I am finding being in my job so depressing. I can't realy afford to pay out for too much in courses but any suggestions of courses would be most appreciated. It really makes you feel down when you are some where you would rather ot be.
Hi Sabrina,

Keep plugging away. I know how you feel but follow your heart. I am sure if you stick it out you will end up being a very good nail tech and at least match your current salary. Time and patience (and practice) I am sure will pay off in the end. I have the same struggle, but I know I will succeed! Be positive - at least you will escape your current job sometime in the near future. How exciting is that!
Oh honey, you sound so down & I know exactly how you feel. I'm temping in an office when I really want to be in a salon environment. It is depressing isn't it. However, feeling down isn't going to change anything - you need to do something. If it's clients you need what about the mums of the kids at your nursery & your staff? If you're not doing any work you might as well type up a leaflet to give out. Advertise yourself to at least 5 people by the end of the today so you can say you've taken the first steps in the right direction. If you do nothing today you'll feel the same tomorrow. If no-one goes for it you'll be no worse off. I really feel for you & hope it works out ok because this feeling is awful, isn't it. Keep me posted on how it goes. Good luck & remember keep smiling x
Firstly I would say that there's nothing more satisfying than doing something that you enjoy and get paid for it! Beauty is my new professionm, I'm 38 and have been qualified for the last year and love it. I am a qualified accountant (comes in handy) and like you got bored. Fortunately I was able to give up my career and re-train.

£17k is a lot to give up and I presume that there are other benefits on top.
However, if you are unhappy (and sounds like you are) then you might like to consider making the change too.

One thing that I have found out is that you cannot rely on friends and family to keep your business going. They are great for support in various ways but you need to build up a loyal client base from other areas and this will take time. Word of mouth recommendation is the best you can get so always alway treat everyone the same and do the best you possibly can. I find giving my clients hints and tips throughout the treatment works wonders and they feel that they have had good value.

Things to consider before you take the plunge:

If you break down what you need to earn per week into segments then it will help you to work out how to go about things. Before that though you need to work out how you can get to a stage where you are earning. Do you need any further training? If so how long will this take and how much will it cost? Will you have any set up costs? Are you planning to work for yourself (mobile or home based) or will you work in a Salon or rent a room?
Work out your set up costs based on whatever set up you are going for.

You say you need to earn £1000 per month, roughly £250 per week then. So is this your bottom line? In other words is this what you need in your hand? If so, then you need to work out your fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs are the ones that are there regardless of how many customers you have e.g rent, heat, light. Variable costs are things like consumables e.g. files, products etc.
You will also have to have a budget for marketing - local papers, leaflet drops, local radio etc.

All this may seem a bit heavy and I don't want to make your day worse than it already sounds. These are realistic questions that you need to answer though.

If you really want to do it - then make it happen. It may take you a little longer than you want it to but if you are good at what you do then people will come back time and time again.

Good luck and keep me posted on what you do.

All the best

I know exactly how you feel. I too am in a job I hate (was bored and under utilised) and was very depressed for a while. A year and half ago I did a course in nails and have not looked back. I still work part time, mornings, at my job, but have managed to build up about 15 regular clients. It has taken me a year to get to that stage and I found most clients I received was word of mouth. You could try putting together a package on your products and services and post them to all the hotels, gyms etc in your area and advertise by putting a notice in your car window, for instance.

I know that if you are determined you will make it!! Somedays I feel really pleased with myself and its through determination that you can come through this.

Hope this helps, just stick in there.

Heather X
hi why not do a special offer to the mums at the nursery where you work,
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