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Feb 10, 2003
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S Yorkshire
Hi everyone, I have only been doing acrylics for a short while but I am pretty pleased with my results :D However, I find that sometimes I get discolouration showing in lines from past rebalances, or the nails start to look cloudy/pinky-yellow :oops: Has anyone any tips or explanations to help me :?: Thanks
Steph - I await the answers to this problem as I too am experiencing the same.

I know that some people use a product called 'Line Out' after first blending the enhancement down flush with natural nail - 'Line Out' apparently takes away the blend line that often occurs during infills. Never tried it yet - but I will be ordering some!

Interested to hear the answer to the other part of your message - discolouration - pinky/yellowy?

Hi Steph and Sue

I have a prob with this too, I do use Line Out but it doesn't always work, dont know about the discolouration of acrylic haven't come across it personally but hope someone else can help you.
This is what I have read-heard-done about fill lines.
#1 Make sure you are filling flush to the natural nail. There should be no lifted edge where the old acrylic joins the natural nail.
#2 Line- Out. Some swear by it, some say it causes yellowing and pocket lifting. My personal experience is that it does work somewhat.
#3 I have read where you can acheive the same effect by using a tiny bit of monomer instead of Line-Out.

I usually have the best results by doing #1 and maybe a tiny bit of Line-out.
all check-out 'fill good re-balancing' under Tutorials.. it shows you with pics how to do what you are all talking about ;)
Thanks for the advice. In response to the last entry, I read the information on rebalancing and found it very helpful. Think my problem arises due to not removing all the lifting. I find it very difficult to remove the last little bit, particularly if its down the sides near the nail wall. do i just need more practise :?:
need to check your prep and make sure you are being very thorough. :huh: Lifting mainly appears in zone 3. Remember, don't buff the LIFTED PART... buff behind the lifted part (on the product not lifted behind - not natural nail) , then it just crumbles away (no point in buffing lift when it's already lifted!!) :tongue: So.. Check prep, press and smooth - don't touch soft tissue (skin) with brush or product and work 'deliberately' watching what you are doing! Hope I've helped! :thumbsup:
And I was always told that if you spend extra time on PREP you won't have any lift to remove the following rebalance :D
thanks guys, thats been a real help, watch this space! :D
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