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May 7, 2012
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Hi all,

I've had an enquiry from a couple that are coming to stay locally for a holiday and they'd both like to have full body massages every day that they are here!

What would you say to this?!

Obviously massages are beneficial to the body but I'm thinking this would be too much and they'd end up feeling poorly from all the toxins being released.

Sounds nice to have the money to be able to have treatments everyday but is this practical?!

Thanks x
I think it would be fine.You wouldn't want to be using essential oil blends on them everyday but ordinary Swedish massage shouldn't do them any harm providing they are fit and healthy.
When I worked in a spa resort we often had guests that had massage every day for the duration of their trip. Generally they would have a variety of different types d would also include other treatments within their programme and as Gillian said Swedish is a good classic massage that would be fine.

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