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Oct 15, 2006
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Wairarapa, NZ
Back in the 1980's I trained on IBD L&P. Worked independent for a while, got out of it, and have now been pondering jumping back in, getting try it kits and using them on myself....only thing is....will be moving from the US to NZ, so I am trying to figure out a few things.

Mind, I like TT products best from what I've tried yet from what I have seen yet it doesn't seem to be available in NZ, so going in for a cert with that is not going to be a good idea if I can't get the products.

So if any NZ geeks could clue me in on what systems are easily available there, what is popular (L&P or Gel) and training opps (Wellington area)....I'd be most appreciative.

Thanx in advance.
Hi there & welcome to our side of the pond.

At a rough guess there won't be many changes for you as alot of American distributors are dispatching to NZ as opposed to Australia.

IBD is available to you in NZ - for more details Contact International Distibutors section of your current suppliers website or phone them for info.

It may help also to search Australian distrib's & get them to notify you of NZ conatcts.

Creative Nail Design is highly recommended here's your NZ contact
Creative Nails New Zealand - Home

I have a contact in Australia re Tammy Taylor products... but you may be able to sort it before you go??? Ring & see


TT is available down here, they also have a TT training school in Auckland. American Nail Systems Inc is the name of the company that trains and distributes TT.
American Nail Systems : Acrylic Nail Nailcare artificial nails extensions

We have access to some major companies down here, like Creative, EZFlow, Galaxy, NSI, TT, Bio Sculpture, etc etc.

Just reading previous posts it seems like it has been a while since you initially trained, it wouldn't hurt to do a refresher course with your chosen product once you have relocated, also it wouldn't hurt to check that your license/training is valid down here. It should be but if you don't have a certificate with TT they may not let you purchase until you have done a course with them.

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