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Mar 18, 2020
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Hi all,

Please can you advise me on gel removal? I use The Manicure Company and enjoy the polish but the removal is taking me forever, even though the bottle says 8-10 minutes - am I doing something wrong?
How long do you leave for removal in your treatment times? I worry people won't come to me when other technicians are only tacking on 15 minutes for removal.

Thanks for your help.
I use heated mitts with gel polish removal. file down product, wrap in cotton wool and cover and wrap with foil. Place hands into heated mits. It cuts removals by 1/2 the time x
Good idea, thank you
I have the same problem and also removal for toes. I dread when a client says about removing gel from their toes. Has anyone used those steamer removal units?
Be sure you are breaking the top layer seal with your file. Actually, on their web site, it suggests making the entire nail dull, so I’m thinking they mean you need to remove all of the acetone-resistant top coat. That may be the problem with slow removal.
Some techs prefer to use straight acetone for removal instead of products that have added conditioners.

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