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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi All!!!

Anyone got any advice for removals or just how you go about performing removals.

Weve been shown at collage to remove with acetone, soaking the fingers, firstly cutting the tips down where possible this works really well, but just didnt know how anyone else might go about it!!!

Lou xxx :D
Hi Louise,

I have a whole section on my website about removals plus a link to the Quicksoak Bowl.
Hi Lou

I remove mine by putting the acetone in a bowl and then put this bowl into a bigger bowl full of hot water. Its like when you melt chocolate, the heat makes it come off that bit quicker. I use an orange stick and every so often take the nails out and gently scrape of the melted gunk.

If the client isn't having a new set back on I do them a mini manicure, tidy the cuticle, buff the nail to a shine, oil well, etc.
The Designer Nails web site - - has all the NVQ information on line for you.
Click on NVQ - then Element 4 - then Removal. You will find complete instructions for most anything under NVQ. A great site for completeing all your assignments for college!!
There is no other web site that has the NVQ underpining knowledge, element by element. A great learning tool.
I remove one nail, or a full set like this:

* Shorten nail
* File top of acrylic to allow the acetone to better penetrate
* Apply cuticle oil to cuticles
* Saturate a cotton ball with acetone and apply to nail
* Wrap in foil
* Leave for about 20 mins (you can place hands in hot mitts at this stage)
* Remove cotton & foil and file the gummy acrylic off
* Hydrate hands and nails with oil & lots of lotion!
I remove using a similar method to what Michelle stated, wrapping the fingers individually with foil....kinda looks like edward scissor hands :shock:
It works very well though...
I want to remove my extensions at the weekend and put on a new set. I'll be using the acetone and foil method too. I think it creates less waste - no worrying about getting rid of a bowl of acetone afterwards.

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