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Nov 6, 2003
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Just wanted to know what people thought
I have my own salon and at present employ but are thinking of renting chairs is there any salon owners out their that may be willing to give advice or nail techs that rent.

ie: how much to charge
do they supply own products
do they have a contract and what to include in it
is it better advantages and disadvantages
Do you ask for rent up front


Thanks all advice is welcome please!!!!
hi i rented a nailbar at the beginning of the year and still have the agreement somewhere i shall find it out a little later in between client and will get back to u. I think i was paying £6 per hour to rent the chair and all products were included.
sorry i took so long been a busy bee today. As i thought i was paying £6 per hour and all of my products were included in this as well as advertising. this was all stated in the agreement that had been written up.
In the agreement it stated that after the 3 month trial period (when i decided if it was for me or not) i would then have to pay the amount weekly in advance. So if i was planning on working 40 hours a week at the salon then i would have to pay £240 per week in advance.
The agreement also stated that i was not allowed to tell any of my clients that i was also a mobile nail tech and beauty therapist.
It also said that if i decided to leave that all clients that i had obtained through working in
her are some other thing that the agreement also contained

1. i would be paid 10% commision for any products i sold
2. i must have my own liability insurance
3. i was only allowed to treat new clients not existing salon clients
4. All record cards were to remain on salon property
5. i was req to contribute £1 per week twards refreshments
6. any evidence of keeping client info for personal use would deem the agreement void

7. 2 weeks notice is required when deciding to leave
8. £50 bond is required upon signing the contract
9. rent is still payable during any holidays at a 30% reduction

hope tis is of some help to u!!!
Thats a bad deal, if ever I have seen one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the post on the board, you might get an idea what the norm is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanx i thought that too which is why i only stayed a month, some days i ended up paying out more than i had made!!
In the end i actually contacted a long standing harrogate salon owner (she has been featured in professional nails mag this year) for advice.
She actually rents several nail bars out at a cost of £25 per day and i know for a fact that this works really well for her. But when i contacted her she advised me that i was getting a really bad deal, which i knew i was just too soft to say!!! I will have to check out te notice boards so i know for future reference!!
i agree with ruth here, £25 per day ie £125 per week is the norm, & when you consider that i'm in kent & ruth is in london, there really isn't any excuse for anything much higher.
at the end of the day, when we changed my staff over from employed to rent a chair, all i did was decide
what my overheads were; how many chairs was i going to rent; & work it out from there.
so, unless the salon surroundings are palacial, the clients r beating down the walls & you get mentoring from the top nail techs in the country, i can't see how someone could justify those kind of deals. :shock:
just my opinion of course! :shock: !
lol liza xx
I have been offered a "chair" supposedly on a self employed basis but the salon want to charge 40% of my takings. i still have to buy my own products and now the salan owner (which is in fact a hairdresser based in Tiverton, Devon) wants me to sign a contract stating that i will not work mobile which is what i do anyway. i am supposed to be working only part time for the salon. having never worked for a salon before does this sound right?
I think that sounds a bit off myself!!
I work one day a week in a hairdresser/ nail salon and they supply all the products/ advertising etc and I give back 50% of what I earn. Thay supply good quality products etc so I don't think that is too bad a deal really. I can carry on working mobile etc too.
I personally don't think that would be worth your time getting involved as you surely would have to keep working mobile if your only there part time.
Maybe you should try to re-negotiate a better deal for yourself.
Good luck!
Ali b ;-)
I wouldn`t bother trying to negotiate a better deal, you have to earn a living and if you want to still maintain a mobile service then you must do so. For the most part you could pay a percentage on your earnings until such time you renegotiate a set rent but 25% is a fair amount. Maybe you could ask around, there must be a few places you could investigate without giving in to the sharks in your area
Just thought I would let you know that I rent a table 3 days a week and give salon owner 20% of my takings. I supply all my own equipment down to cotton wool etc., I wouldn't work if I had to pay any more rent. If you are good, then you are worth it.
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