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Megan toes

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Oct 23, 2010
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Hi There
I wondered if anyone has some advice for me? I have recently started renting a room in salon. When i originally went to see the room the owner explained that i would be the only therapist there doing beauty while she would be doing nail clients. After two weeks she has taken on another therapist to work for her as staff, so when appointments come in I have very little chance of getting any clients as the other girl is getting the majority of them. She is also restricting me from advertising myself or putting my name to anything again prevnting me from building a client base. In general I do not like how much conrol she is having over my business and feel now that there is a huge conflict of intrests between her business and mine. I really want to get out of this salon as I am so unhappy, I did sign a contract of agreement but she didnt sign my copy, does anybody know if the contract is actually legal??
Time to move on I think. You were obviously a bit of a fill in plan until she decided what to do staff wise. She took you on then figured out how much better off she would be financially if she had staff, so she did it in spite of you.

I assume there are parts of the contract that look at exiting, so have a look at it. You only need be concerned if you signed t say that the contract was for a period of time and you are liable for rent if you pull out early or other such clause.

To be honest if she is now pushing her employed staff, she probably wont be too bothered if you want to leave as it leave a room free for another staff member when she wants to take one on so you probably wont have any contractual problems at all.

Don't jump too quick tho, have a scout around for other rooms available first while you still have a bit of money coming in then you can make a smoother transition.

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