Renting my first room!


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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi Geeks!

So i have finally rented my first room, as from November!!! Very excited but also very nervous:eek:. I will be there part time to build the business up, but how do you/did you start to build a good customer base?

It's in a hairdressers in town, so will have the benefit of the passing trade, but just thought someone might have some advice/tips on starting out??

Should i run a promo to introduce me to the clients?? I have the benefit of them advertising for me if needed but not sure what to start with! Sorry sooo many questions lol :lol:

Thanks :hug:
I started my business, renting a room within a hair salon, 3 years ago and have build up to a regular clientelle. I still only work park time as ive 4 young children. I made sure that i introduced myself to the salons clients and give them all a treatment list and 15% off their first treatment 'as valued client of the salon' - lots came to try me out and thankfully most now come regularly. If I was very quiet I offered to do a complimentary file and polish in the hair salon, when a client was having a colour or perm, this also got me noticed and chatting to the ladies. I work a late night Thursday all day fri and Sat and I stay all day regardless of bookings otherwise you don't know who you might miss.
I'm sure you will do well, good luck with your exciting new venture.
I started the same way back in November last year and I began by offering taster treatments i.e Indian Head Massage for £5, which was a massive hit. I also bought an A Board and advertised on that outside the shop. I also printed up leaflets with explanations of what I do and the staff in the hairdressers gave them to each client. It was slow at first and I felt like I was continually doing offers but some of those original clients are still clients now, even though I've moved and opened my own salon. Some days I was there with just 1 or 2 clients and was sooo bored but it def paid off in the end. I'm now busy most weeks (although I do still have quiet weeks, like I think we all do) and my client base is building nicely. I really wish you all the luck in the world and I'm sure you'll do it if you're determined enough xxx
Thanks for the replies girls! Just think i need to be organized and get leaflets done and set my promos so i know what I'll be running.


Thanks for the replies girls! Just think i need to be organized and get leaflets done and set my promos so i know what I'll be running.



Hi hun, good luck with it all! You have the benefit of approaching Christmas time too, so you can expect to be a bit busier than if you were starting up say in the summer.

You do need to get together a 12 month marketing plan though, so you don't have to worry about what you are going to be doing from one month to the next. xx

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