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May 7, 2007
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Hi geeks!

I took my salon on 2 years ago. I have a small room at the back which i use as my 'junk' room and tea and coffee room. Im debating whether or not i should rent it out. Its only me working at the salon, and someone helping on reception (well that someone is my mum and shes doing a fantastic job!)
Basically I remember when i first signed the lease. The estate agent said to me i cant sub let but i can do it as 'renting a chair' Was he meaning this was ok to take rent from someone for that room?

Im also a little baffled by the whole subletting thing. My idea of this was .. you rent property but are never there so you are sub letting allowing someone else to be there ... am i barking completely up the wrong tree?

Is there any advice anyone can give me about renting out space? things I maybe need to watch out for? what to ask the potential person coming in with me? insurance and such?

Hey Nicki,
going to watch this thread with interest as I have just started renting the upstairs of a hairdressers. It has 2 treatment rooms, a waiting area (which used to be used as a nailbar) and a stand-up tan booth in a separate room.

Now, as it is only me, I don't really need the 2nd room. the hairdressers are taking my appointments for me, and I am not there all the time.

Someone has already approached me about the 2nd room wanting to do one therapy for 1-2 days a week.

the thought of a regular rent coming in to help supplement the regular rent that I am going to be paying is very attractive, BUT I don' know what the hairdresser will think.
hey. I have got my own hair salon with 2 rooms downstairs, i have recently started renting one out to a nail tech, the understanding was that she did it up in accordance with the decoration in the salon and i wouldn't charge her any rent until after chrsitmas. Then she will be paying £25 per day. She is only in on fri and sat at the moment to see how it goes, hth xx:hug:

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