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Mar 16, 2010
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hi everybody! again!

i have noticed whilst looking around the site etc that people talk about rep ie ''thanks for the rep points''

can somebody please explain what this means? xx
You will see 4 boxes above right in every post.

If you have appreciated someones help or just generally liked what they have written or agree whole heartedly with someones post, you can click on the green box in their post and send them a comment or a thank you for their help and they will have points added to their reputation. Kind of a cool way to say thanks.

If you have found a post offensive or breaking site rules you can click on the red box and report it so that the moderators can deal with the offender (and the person who you have reported does not know it is YOU who has reported the post).

Generally Geeks hate peeps who use our site to advertise themselves or their wares to gain off the site but never offer any help .. you shold report all those posts when you see them. n HTH
aw wow! thanks for that! i always wondered what those to boxes were for! x

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