Reptiles lol


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Mar 1, 2004
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Brighton UK
Hey i know its random but does anyone else here own any reptiles? :D
No reptiles, but I used to have a tarantula called Octavia.
Lol whats this got to do with nails?? no reptiles, have a taratula called tango though

Paula x
The hairs on my arms are standing up just thinking about the tarantulas :eek:
paula1973 said:
Lol whats this got to do with nails?? no reptiles, have a taratula called tango though

Paula x

What breed did you have? Mine was a mexican red rump.
i just wanted to know if anyone had any lol, it has nothing to do with nails but thats why i posted it in chit chat :) Ive got a iguana thats 5ft hehe
Not got them any more, but used to have two Royal Pythons, Monty (corny, I know) and Strike - cos he'd bite anything that moved. And also had a Leopard Gekko called Gizmo. Monty was my favourite, soooooo tame, they were all donated to a wildlife place when I was unable to take them with me. S :sad:

hehe ive got a leopard gecko called barbie lol x
i too have a tarantula, named her sammie & had her about 4 yrs.

Carol x x :green:
My son, aged 7, has some anoles, hey guess who has to feed them?! Got used to it now, but I used to half close my eyes and hope neither the lizards or the food would escape!
Got an ex-husband......sorry Faye I knows it ya Dad......but couldn't help myself......
Does that qualify under reptiles lol...........
Ruth! I don't think that counts.
Hey Kimberly,
We have an Iguana called Iggles!! He's 33" and 18 months old and very cute!! He has a bath every day and sits on my shoulder while I do housework ha ha!! Heres a pic:!.jpg&.view=t&.done=http%3a//

hope the link works, if not, try copy and paste it into your browser.

luv Sarah x
ahh our iguana is 10 :)
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