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May 21, 2004
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I'm now looking to start and retail to clients, what things do you think sell best, apart from solar oil, as I already have this, especially with christmas coming up, and also does anyone know of any good wholesalers to buy from, my salon does beauty and nails, so would need things for both.
Any help or advice would be really appreciated
What sells best for me is nr 1 solar oil since they need it ofcourse, 2nd scentsations / the 2oz. version/ and 3rd solar manicure.
I try now and then if i have the time to use a new product on a customer as a freebie and i have noticed that it really helps to get them interested in buying.
The things that sell best for me are
-solar oil, I offer 2 sizes
-solar balm, my clients cant get enough of it, they use it for everything, lips, cuticles, on their children etc
-scentsations washes and lotions, they sell equally as my clients like to have both
-cuticle eraser
-non-acetone nail varnish remover, this is one thing I would never stop retailing, I think every client Ive had has bought some from me!

Everything else I retail goes in dribs and drabs.
Not sold 1 nail enamel yet!! Thankgod I didnt invest in the large salon rack!
i agree with cuticle oil and lotions...also nail strengtheners sell good where i am
Im the same as the other guys, Solar Oil is a great seller.
Opi have lovely gift sets for christmas time, they went down well last year for me. But best to buy a couple first to test drive, see how well they sell as i bought too much stock last crimbo, and still had stuff remaining.
I also retail skincare, make up and tanning products. Skincare sells well, make up every now and then and tanning not very often as they have a spray tan instead.
Depending on your situation/salon etc, little and often when buying retail is my motto :) Also my clients seem to love gift sets. whether is skincare or nailcare these seem to go down well. xx

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