Return from holiday ... now, these mittens ??


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Aug 16, 2003
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Just got back from a brief but welcome break at Sennen in Cornwall. The weather forecast was wrong and the sun shone nearly all the time :sunny:

Now, mittens. I know a lot of you use them and the leaning seems to be towards the wheat ones. Once warmed, in a microwave I guess (?) how long does the amount of warmth they hold remain useful? I am mobile about 50% of the time and do not always have access to a microwave at a clients house.

Thanks for any help ...... oh, and do Creative sell them .... and how much ..... thanks again!

Dee xx
Hi Pooh!

Creative sell both Wheat heating microwave mitts and electric mitts.

The Creative Warming Mitts are £21.50 each or £39.50 a pair.

And the Electric Hand Heating Mitts are £42.50 for a pair.

The electric ones maybe more suitable if you are mobile, as you will no doubt always have access to a plug. I don't have either of them yet, and so I can't tell you how long they stay warm for but I imagine it is quite a while. Maybe up to half an hour?

Hope this helps, :D
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Glad it was sunny :sunny: for you!!! You need to warm the mits for about 2.30 mins each in the microwave but check the inside with your own hand, - they remain very snug for at least 15/20 mins but you only really need them for 5/10 mins during SpaMan!! The CND ones are black with the Creative logo on the front in white; the electric ones are just normal whitewith no logo!! ;)
Many thanks girls ........ will be doing a course soon (see other post) so may get the chance to use/see/buy with luck?

Thanks again :)

Dee xx
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