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liana kay

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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi , ive got to fix a colour today that my colleague did yesterday. As far as I know , previously the client had white blonde high lights with lots of build up on the ends , but she liked it . My collegue hi-lighted the root and then toned it all to a deep beige ( very nice). I think the toner may have also lightened the root a little ( about 8.3) . The client hates and wants to be white blonde again . Her hair is shot .Ive got no idea what colour the hi-lites are under the toner . Im thinking to use a deep cleansing shampoo and then a bleach pull ( no peroxide). We dont have any colour remover in the salon ( my boss doesnt stock it ) however we do have some elumen return ad some bondbuilding product(in case I need to bleach it) . I hope I can lift the colour out this way and re tone it , but im concerned about the slightly lifted root and the fact the hi-lites are so fine its impossible to pick them out . Any advice ?
Try blondor and warm water. Keep it warm and keep moving the hair. Should be easy to take out as its a fresh application. You're gonna have to tone the warm root though unless shes ok with it

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