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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hi peeps,

Do Creative sell rhinestones? I have looked in my product catalogue several times but can't see any :( . I have bought some from creative nail place but was wondering if I can get them direct from Creative?

:p Sharon :p
They certainly sell rhinestones at the One Stop Nail shop in Leeds --- the other distributors should too. Ask them.
Next year we will add a nail art section to the catalogue ... promise.
We sell only the basic things. rhinestones .. coloured paints .. airbrushing equipment (Iwata) .. lots and lots of bits.
Live in London, so I'm no good with geography. Don't think Hereford is anywhere near Leeds (?) but then again I don't even venture past the North Circular let alone the M25 given the choice.

Anyway I digress contact Melle at www.Allthingsnails.co.uk - most extensive range or colours sizes, absolutely the best prices and mail order.

Hi Geeg,

I look forward to seeing the nail art section in next years catalogue :) I get through quite a lot of rhinestones so I am looking for a wide range at a great price.

Dennis Williams sell Rhinestones by Spangles and they are about £9 for 300 they do various colours and sizes along with pearls and other cute stars and hearts etc. I use them all the time and they are fab and easy to use :)
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