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Apr 5, 2010
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hi geeks! had a new client in yesterday foa a wet cut, she hadnt had it cut for 8 months! it was a grown out gratuated bob with over directed layers about 3 inches below her shoulders. so she wants to grow it but wanted it cut to shoulder length slightly graduated in the back (her hair is very fine). she brought in a pic!!!! and said i want this i want that etc. apparently no one can cut her hair how she likes it and always has a wet cut as hairdressers cant dry her hair how she likes it! anyway she slagged off about 3 or 4 salons to me and was a bit of a pain to be honest! done the cut and off she went, about half an hour later she phoned to say it was much longer one side and the back was unlevel!!!! in 16 years of hairdressing i have never had this!!!!!!! pissed me right off, she is in at 10am today for me to have a look!!! oh forgot to mention she used to be a hairdresser u no that old chestnut, and colours it with kolesten herself!!!!! just needed to moan! thanks guys! xxx
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