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pinkie 0001

Dec 3, 2003
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sheffield uk
has anybody tried this kit and what were the results like.

julesxx :?:
pinkie 0001 said:
has anybody tried this kit and what were the results like.
Unfortunatly this is the one i was on about in my previous post :( :(
:rolleyes: I wouldnt go there!
Hope this answers your question?
Any kit is only as good as the tech using it !!!!!!!!
But saying that...........
If you have professional tools you will get professional results............

I think Rio should be just there.............. in Rio................
This is just a personal oppinion and does not reflect on other oppinions held by others lol............disclaimer....
Ruth, i TOTALLY agree! Flicking through catalogues such as argos and index and seeing Rio's :rolleyes: pathetic range of "products, eqipment etc" makes me think "are they 4 real????????????" :shock: Rio should be banned! lol!

Marbella ;)
Hi Jules
I brought this when i was training to do my VCTC as i didnt really have the money to buy it seperately, and by god do i reget it, the lamp doesn't set the gel properly ( as theres no mirror image to get an even set, hope this makes sense) :oops: i did send it back but they sent me a new one, i wish i had saved and brought a proper kit, which im glad to say i have now,
hope this helps, sorry to put a downer on this.
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